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This blog intends to take you through the top 10 Digital marketing skills you need. So keep an eye out!

Digital marketing is gradually becoming a massive phenomenon that people of all types are using to establish themselves and their business with great opportunities of success if done the right way.

Indeed it is important to know what you want and want the public to invest their time in, but the real key is to know ‘how’ to do it.

Being a great opportunity, there is however a shortage in data analysts (47%), general digital marketing skills are as low as 37%, and UX designers are on the down low with 34% currently existing according to a research called “The Marketing Evolution: Leadership, Transformation, Skills,Challenges, And The Future”.

So with that being said, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, begone independent, start something that will change the world as we know it, worry not because whether you’re a complete beginner or if you’re adequately educated in digital marketing here is a list of top 10 Digital marketing skills you need.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Skills You Need 

  1. Video Marketing

Videos are on the high rise on the internet, and this trend isn’t going to slow down. Consumers enjoy watching videos, especially on social media, and eight out of ten have made a purchase after seeing a brand’s video. According to The State of Video Marketing research, 87% of marketers who use video say it provides a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and 93% of marketers who use it say it’s an important part of their strategy. 

But why is it so captivating? since it is pertinent and personal. People are more likely to trust your business when they can see your face or the face of the person promoting the brand. Additionally, the content is incredibly adaptable to be used on various platforms. Just consider TikTok’s quick ascent and Instagram’s success! 

Professionals in digital marketing do not need to be experts in video production. However, learning how to create videos on your own without the help of an expert is a smart place to start. You can accomplish that with the aid of some fantastic tools, like CapCut, an AI tool, or Camtasia. Additionally, since there will always be a need for video, if you have any training in this field and enjoy it, your skills aren’t going to be wasted.

  1. SEO & SEM

Anybody entering the field of digital marketing needs to have a basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), as it is essential to all levels of the industry. While the more technically savvy members of the team should handle the more complex back-end tasks, an effective digital marketing initiative depends on having a firm grasp of best practices, content optimization, and SEO theory. This is becoming increasingly true as the landscape is altered by AI technology, like Google’s Search Generative Experience. 

  1. Content Marketing

Digital marketing is all about content, and no matter what happens, content marketing will always be an important component of the game. But content marketing requires a lot of work on its own. To draw in and alter audiences, you need to be able to produce excellent, SEO-friendly content for a variety of platforms. You also need to know how to build an efficient content strategy and know how to make the most of ChatGPT alongside other AI technologies.

To add to the difficulty, content can come in a variety of formats, including blogs, e-books, videos, social media posts, emails, web content, and whitepapers, to name just a few. Since content is so important on social media platforms, you also need to have a solid understanding of social media marketing. 

  1. Data Analytics

Whatever area of digital marketing you choose, analytics will be essential to your plan and assist you in developing more intelligent, data-driven campaign decisions. It’s relatively simple to monitor and report using tools like Google Analytics; the difficult part is figuring out how to collect and use that data to understand customer behaviour and apply it to ideas that increase traffic and conversions.

Great digital marketers must know how to collect and leverage the massive amounts of data that most businesses, even small ones, must track. Businesses will always be searching for individuals who can not only “read” data using their technical skills in marketing, but also gather value from customer data to enhance future strategies. You will be a tremendous asset to the industry if you can demonstrate that you can accomplish this in creative ways that lead to campaign success.

Also you don’t have to stick to the traditional analytical procedures. Check out alternatives and see what fits you best.

  1. Design Thinking And Planning

The term “design thinking” describes an approach to problem-solving that puts the needs of the user first. The method basically pushes us to solve big, complex problems with a human-centered perspective.

The Interaction Design Foundation lists the following five essential steps in this process: define, ideate, prototype, test, and empathize. This is successful because a large portion of it is, or should be, focused on the user experience, which is essential to the success of digital marketing.

This method’s nonlinear application is another intriguing feature. As a result, you might find yourself going through the testing phase before returning to the middle phase to reevaluate concepts.

This kind of approach is likely to be used by designers and developers, so it’s an excellent idea to at least have a firm grasp of it to enhance your marketing resume and utilize it when practical.

  1. Social Media

It’s imperative for marketers to have some knowledge of social media marketing. You must realize that it involves more than just writing a post and publishing it online. To get people to click on your content instead of scrolling, it must be attention-grabbing, pertinent, and visually striking. It also involves knowing each platform’s advantages and whether or not your target audience will benefit from it. 

TikTok might aid in increasing brand awareness, for instance, if your company sells fitness equipment to people in the 20–30 age range. You may upload a promotional video showcasing your offerings or a video of patrons attending a fitness class. On the other hand, LinkedIn might be useful if you provide computers to the business-to-business (B2B) market for networking and involvement in specific groups that generate leads. 

Understanding your target audience, producing content that appeals to them, and utilizing the appropriate social media channels are key.  

  1. Email Marketing

For marketers, email is essential, especially in light of the growing use of cookies and first-party data. It permits segmentation and customized messaging. Although MailChimp and Marketo are helpful tools, lists are necessary for contact organization and workflow automation so that relevant messages are sent on a regular basis.

  1. You Heard Of A Tech Nerd?

It can help marketing professionals to understand technical skills such as web coding, content management systems, artificial intelligence tools, and data privacy issues.While older generations might need to learn specific technologies, software, and tactics like audience listening tools or SEM, digital natives and Gen-Zers might already be familiar with these skills. 

  1. Persuasion Is Key

To advance businesses, a successful digital marketing leader blends analytical reasoning with innovative problem-solving techniques. To persuade others to back their ideas, they must be highly persuasive and influential, exhibiting confidence in their skills and showcasing their knowledge.

  1. Make Your Unique Skills Stand Out

Excellent digital marketers should possess a variety of soft skills, including curiosity, adaptability, forward-thinkingness, business focus, and strategy centering. However, there’s room in this area for a wide range of characteristics and skill levels. Therefore, to maintain your competitive edge in the market, make the most of your distinct personality.

For example, it might be uncommon to come across someone with management and SEO strategy skills, or it might be uncommon to come across a computing science graduate who is also passionate about social media. Never be scared to capitalize on your advantages. 


And there you have it. All you need to know about digital marketing skills that might come in handy for anybody from complete beginners to experts. Don’t forget your ideas can change the world if you know how to implement them the right way. It can make a world of a difference when you know your way around the internet. Also don’t worry if you don’t get it, there are many sources that offer to explain things at your own pace for your better understanding.

So get going!

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