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We as humans are intriguing creatures with intriguing and unique stories. But also we are social creatures. The new era has brought to us the accessibility of the internet giving us the advantage to earn by sharing what we have experienced via stories and storytelling.

This is a fun and creative way that’s slowly sprouting in the content creating and digital marketing community that works in one’s favor by simply sharing one’s story that would be linked to their product or service that can resonate with people. The best way to execute storytelling is by using social media to its full potential.

So here’s how you can use social media for storytelling:

Using Storytelling For Digital Marketing 

A Long Series

In essence, a story is a series of events that include a few essential components. There are many ways to tell stories on social media that go beyond the confines of conventional storytelling and advertising. You have a lot of instruments on the ready, even though there might be some limitations (like length).

It’s crucial to start with your end goals in mind and work your way backwards when creating social media content for an operation, campaign, or advertising strategy. 

Each and every image, video, blog post, and clip should tell a little story on its own, but what if you could take your customers and audience on a longer journey? Long-term, you have the ability to ‘hook’ people when you consider how every content piece advances your business narrative and brand.

In order to achieve this, consider your start, middle, and finish as your “story arc.” not just for every piece of content, but also in relation to your long-term objectives and USP, or unique selling proposition.  

Let us examine Dove, a well-known example in the beauty industry. The company, which began as a soap company, has centered its marketing campaigns around storytelling with the goal of empowering women by spreading a message of acceptance and self-worth.

The #Detox YourFeed campaign from Dove sought to highlight the dangers of toxic beauty advice. People shared it on social media and used the hashtag to spread the word, which helped.

Show Off What You Got

Telling your story is not as effective as showing it when it comes to advertising, regardless of whether it is done on social media. What does this mean, though?

To quickly convey your message (or the essence of it) on social media, it could be as easy as making an engaging video, infographic, or using an eye-catching image along with a catchy title. You only have a few seconds to make an impression, so why not make it as striking and obvious as you can?

A fantastic example of this “show, don’t tell” storytelling is the technology company GoPro. Although they do feature promotional videos showcasing their newest camera, most of the videos demonstrate how their cameras are used and produce some pretty amazing results. Millions of customers want to share their athletic accomplishments, and it’s not just the GoPro crew that uploads videos. 

You can check out many examples online for a better idea on what showing and sharing really means.

Everyone Can Tell A Story

Though not everyone is a storyteller, a good story could be told by anyone. And digital marketing is a god place to start or to try out this unique idea.

The best part about storytelling is that you don’t have to be a super genius or super advanced in English to tell your story. As long as it’s interesting, and you can get it across, that’s all you really need.

Your story could include as many elements as you want or it could be entirely based on personal experience. Also, the content in your story, the response of it depends on your audience.

Many platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. feature this form of content. The best of which comes from YouTube. YouTube is by far the best way to tell a story to a large audience that can find it relevant and you can find higher chances of engagement in digital marketing.

Telling your story and linking that to the formulation of your product or service is the biggest advantage you can have to gain the best attention from your audience. So it really is a no brainer.

Boosters In Form Of Influencers

In an age of influencers, an influence can bring about a huge difference. Influencers are on the rage, even when you are one yourself, you’d know. 

Digital marketing highly depends on influencers being able to sell their product or service by relying on influencers to engage in affiliate digital marketing. This benefits you and the influencers as the mass following if the influencer further boosts the chances of your story being reached and thus leading to bigger sales.

Follower Engagement

In order to tell your story that leads to your sales improving, in this method of digital marketing, keeping a good relationship with your followers is key since they are looking forward to your product and services not only benefiting them but also empathizing with your product and service on a sentimental level. This further binds their connection to the product making them more likely to choose your product over others.

You can see what worked best by looking at your social media information to get insights. Was there something about that one post, longer blog, or eBook that struck a chord earlier? Or was it just a humorous video that received a lot of shares? By using these insights, you can determine what is appealing to your audience and use that information to develop a fresh narrative.

To help convey your goal and communication in a novel way, think about utilizing Facebook Live, capitalizing on TikTok trends, or producing witty and humorous videos. It’s crucial to add some variety to your social media feeds whenever you can because long-time followers may grow weary of observing repetitive patterns.


In conclusion, using Storytelling method to tell the story behind your product and intentions, you can solidify the bond between you and your potential clients as your story might influence them to know how different your product is from other competitors. This is a big deal for those who understand how important connecting to others is. And this is only possible if you’re creative enough to boost sales and introduce yourself and your product by using storytelling for digital marketing.

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